The Ruling on Television

by Muhammad Nāsir ad-Dīn al-Albānī

Translated by Abu 'Abdis-Salam


What is the ruling on the television?


There is no doubt that the television today is impermissible (haraam). [This is] because the television is like the radio and tape recorder which are favours which Allaah has surrounded His slaves with. Allaah says:

  "If you were to enumerate the favours of Allaah, you would not be able to to do"  

So the hearing is a favour, the seeing is a favour, [as are] the lips and the tongue. However, many of these favours bring about punishment and trial upon their people, due to them not utilising these [favours] as Allaah loves them to be utilised.

So I consider the radio, television and tape recorder to be favours. But when do they become favours? When they are used in a beneficial way for the [Muslim] nation.

The television today is 99% sinful, dissolute, [full of] immorality and unlawful sinning, and so on. It is possible that 1% of it shows things that some people benefit from, but the predominant case is to be given consideration. So when a true Muslim state exists which places beneficial and knowledgeable programs for the [Muslim] nation [on the television], then in that case I do not say that the television is permissible; rather I say that it is obligatory!

Taken from Al-Asaalah Magazine, Number 10, Page 40.

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