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The History of Tafseer

It is no surprise to discover that the science of tafseer started during the lifetime of the Prophet ﷺ himself In fact, one of the primary roles of the Prophet (SAW|), as shall be expounded on later.

The Interpretion of the Qur’an (Tafseer)

The topic of tafseer is the most important topic of 'uloom al-Quran, since in many ways it is the primary goal of 'uloom al-Quran — to understand and implement the Qur'aan properly. This has also been the first topic of 'uloom al-Quran to have been written on, and without a doubt the one in which most of the works in this field have been written about.

al-Isrâ’îliyât – The Tales of the Tribes of Israel in Exegisis

This article is abridged from, âr-Râ Khâti ah wa Riwayât Bâtilah fî Siyar al-Anbiyah wal-Mursalîn: In Islamic jurisprudence and terminology the term al-Isrâ’îliyât is used to describe a narration that originates from Jewish (Biblical) sources.
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