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The True Significance of Ashura

The fast of Ashura is in the month of Muharram, and it is sufficient virtue for this month to know that Allah aligned the month of Muharram with his own name.

When to Fast the day of Ashoura

Ashura is the tenth day of Muharram; the first month of the Islamic lunar year.

The Virtues of Allah’s sacred month of Muharram and Fasting on...

A comprehensive article detailing all the major topics and questions related to the day of ‘Ashura’

Entering the New Year

We have bidden farewell to another year of our lives in which we have done many deeds that will be shown to us on the Day or Resurrection. Many days have passed and many loved ones have died. Many sins we have committed day and night. [Medinah -Muharram 4, 1424 (March 7, 2003)]
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