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Explanation: “No human ever filled a vessel worse than the stomach.”

“That which has killed mankind is the introduction of food on top of food before it has been digested.”

The virtue of fasting six days of Shawwaal

It is recommended for the Muslim to fast six days of Shawwaal, and in this there is great virtue and an immense reward.

Rights of the Prophet ﷺ

The Rights the Prophet ﷺ has upon Mankind

The Inner Secrets of Fasting

Know, that in the fast (Sawm) is a special quality that is not found in anything else. And that is its close connection to Allah, such that He says: "The fast (Sawm) is for Me and I will reward it." [Sahîh al-Bukhârî and Muslim]. This connection is enough to show the high status of fasting.

Memoirs from the life of Imam Ahmad

A brief history of the life of Imam Ahmad and how he would get persecuted because of his love for the Sunnah and his stand against those that would seek to corrupt it.

The Righteous Action – Part 2

Many people unfortunately neglect the first condition (complying with the Sunnah) because they are astray and believe that bid’ah (innovation) is good in the religion. But there are those upon whom Allâh has granted His favour, by guiding them to the Sunnah of the Prophet (sal-Allâhu ‘alayhe wa sallam).

They are those who know the reality of this condition and adhere to it the best they can. Yet they must pay attention to the second condition, which any group may fail to fulfill, and that is riy⒠(insincerity and showing-off). No one is exempt from riy⒠and all people are susceptible to it in their actions.

The Righteous Action – Part 1

The Prophet (sal-Allâhu ‘alayhe wa sallam) encouraged us to make our actions righteous, whether gaining wealth or other things. However, we must remember that there are two conditions that a Muslim must fulfil in order for the action to be righteous...

Muslims need for the Qur’ân and Sunnah

Friday Sermon given at the Prophet's Mosque in Madina, August 9th 2002 :“This is a Book which We have revealed unto you in order that you might lead the mankind out of darkness into light by their Lord’s leave to the path of the All-Mighty, the Owner of all praise.” (Al-Ibrâhîm 14 :2)

The Manners of Welcoming the New-Born Child in Islâm

The manners for welcoming their arrival in this life according to the Sunnah

The Prevalence of Nifaq – save the Blessed – in al-Qur’aa

A warning from the Messenger of Allah (saws) about those who recite the Quran with the incorrect intention
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Istikharah: The Guidance Prayer

Forty Hadeeth On: The Islamic Personality

The Etiquettes Of Marriage And Wedding

The Manners of Welcoming the New-Born Child in Islâm



Ummahatul Mumineen Hazrat Shafiyyah (R.A)

The Bond of Holy Love

Daughters of the Prophet Ruqayyah (r.a)

About Struggling…

The Story of Dawood (Alaihissalam)